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Letters / Geordie, you didn’t read my letter

Geordie (What’s the alternative, 30 April), you obviously didn’t read my reply to your last letter on this subject.

To save you looking back, I’ll copy it for you below;-

“George, your question (Nuclear standpoint? SN 8/4/12) is entirely hypothetical since fossil fuels will not run out in the next several hundred years – you may as well be asking Earl Patrick Stewart what fuel Shetlanders would use to keep themselves warm when we ran out of peat and “wrack-widd” – and we still haven’t run out of either.

I would recommend you do some research on your facts regarding oil and gas supplies running out. The recent Citigroup report entitled “Resurging North American Oil Production and the Death of the Peak Oil Hypothesis” would be a good place to start (full report available at https://www.citigroupgeo.com/pdf/SEUNHGJJ.pdf).

Then look at thorium nuclear reactors which are readily scaleable, inherently safe, have fuel supplies for 10,000 years and which will be in commercial operation well within your 30-50 year timescale in any case.”

An argument based on a false premiss, alas, is nonsense. Once you can establish that fossil fuels will run out in any of our great-great grandchildren’s time, then will be the time to discuss what Shetland should do to avoid your dire, fanciful scenario.

John Tulloch