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Letters / I hope Robbie becomes a councillor

I went along to the Lerwick South hustings this afternoon, and asked the six candidates who had turned up a question. Is a cut of 25 per cent in council revenue expenditure in two years, I enquired, feasible?

That is by far the most important matter facing the new council. But five of the candidates, including three ex-councillors who rubberstamped that crazy policy last September, didn’t understand the question.

The exception was Robbie Leith, who pointed out that the last council had arrived at their decision, and had started to carry it out, in blind panic.

I have known Robbie all my life, and I hope very much that he becomes a councillor on 3 May.

He is a plain speaker, has midder wit, and – most important of all – is not likely to be hypnotised by council consultants with extreme ideas and timetables.

Brian Smith