In brief for 13 September 2011

Deep sea drilling

THE SCOTTISH Green Party have condemned the European Parliament for not adopting a moratorium on deep sea drilling in the wake of BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

The parliament agreed that an EU-wide moratorium on new drilling would be disproportionate.

Patrick Harvie MSP said: “The European Parliament have simply failed to take account of the risk posed by deepwater drilling in Scotland’s waters.


“Greens continue to argue for a moratorium on new drilling after BP’s Gulf of Mexico disaster and Shell’s leak in the North Sea this summer, but it looks as if MEPs have been persuaded by the oil lobbyists that the safety of their profits should come before the safety of the marine environment.”


Dave’s take on the film festival

Dave Hammond of Skeld based film production company Burnt Candle has produced a 10 minute film on the recent Screenplay film festival.


The film can be seen at: www.burntcandle.tv/ScreenPlay2011/


Energy audit grants

THE FIRST two grants have been awarded under the Community Energy Efficient Programme (CEEP) to energy audit two public buildings.

The audits of the Germatwatt Centre (£711) and the Walls public hall (£917) will identify the most cost effective methods to reduce the energy consumption within the respective buildings.

Many more applications are expected over the coming months as there has been a high enquiry rate in the first 6 months of the two-year pilot programme, a spokeswopman for Community Energy Scotland said.

Jennifer Nicolson added: “Following the introduction of the grant scheme in April we have been out to meet with a number of community groups to discuss the types of project which they could undertake as energy costs are generally one of the highest expenditures they have to deal with.”


The CEEP two year pilot seeks to improve the energy efficiency of community facilities across Shetland. It is funded from the Shetland Islands Council (£200,000) and the Shetland LEADER 2008-2013 programme (£200,000).


Doors Open next weekend

THIS year’s Doors Open weekend features interesting and quirky buildings in 13 locations across the islands from Sumburgh to Unst.

The line up of buildings that will open their doors to the public on 17 and 18 September include the newly refurbished Belmont House in Unst, the picturesque Lerwick Lodberries, the Shetland Cheese factory in Skeld, as well as seaweed processor Böd Ayre Products, on the Lunna peninsula.

Organiser Marjolein Robertson, of the SIC’s planning department, said the annual event always seemed to capture the Shetland public’s imagination.

“Maybe it’s getting to see around places that aren’t normally accessible to the public. When we’re choosing the locations, we’re always keen to get a good spread across as many areas of Shetland as possible,” she said.


The full list of buildings taking part is available on the posters and programmes advertising the event or at www.doorsopendays.org.uk.


Spiggie run re-scheduled

The annual Round Spiggie Fun Run and Walk has been re-scheduled for Sunday 2 October at 2pm after it had to be cancelled due to a poor weather forecast, at the end of August.

Further info can be found at: www.mindyourhead.org.uk


Trainee of the Year

LOUISE King of Inksters Solicitors was awarded the Trainee Solicitor of the Year Award at this year’s Law Awards of Scotland, last week.

Brian Inkster, whose law firm was given the Solicitor of the Year award a few years ago, said: “Louise has done a remarkable job at Inksters as a trainee. She has shown great determination, dedication and initiative.

“This has created a very positive impact on the firm and one that you certainly would not expect to see at this stage in a lawyer’s career.

“I am therefore extremely pleased that Louise has been recognised by The Law Awards of Scotland with this very deserved award for Trainee Solicitor of the Year.”

During her training Ms King has dealt with a large number of cases for Inksters’ clients in Shetland and will continue to work with Shetland clients for Inksters when she qualifies as a Solicitor at the end of this month, Mr Inkster said.