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In brief for 29 June 2011

Tool exchange

SOCIAL enterprise COPE Ltd are looking for unwanted and unusable tools that can be refurbished and resold in their Lerwick garden centre and scrapstore.

Recycling manager Vic Thomas said they were seeking tools suitable for servicing, sharpening, cleaning, repainting, and refurbishment.

“We need mainly gardening tools but could also take hammers, fence marls, spades, older type (non disposable saws), pick axes, files, planes and anything that can be returned back to use with some ‘tlc’,” he said.

“This will reduce the disposal of otherwise good tools that folk have no time to repair, whilst offering the community good tools at second hand prices whilst providing some new work for some of our people with physical or learning difficulties.”

Donated tools can be dropped off at either the council’s waste point at Rova Head or at COPE’s premises at the Port Business Park opposite the power station.

Bikes on the beat

POLICE in Lerwick are going from four wheels to two with the launch of new bike patrols in the town.

The force has ordered two new bikes with special markings with two officers volunteering to use them.

Chief inspector David Bushell said the bikes would provide a healthy and efficient way of policing the town and interacting with the public, and that they would be used during the Tall Ships Race.

Councillor Alastair Cooper, who sits on the Northern Joint Police Board, said: “In the current financial climate we have to look at all means of delivering the service as well as maintaining high detection rates. The introduction of the officers on cycles is a welcome and cost effective addition to how they work.”

Hall theft

POLICE have warned public hall committees to be on the look out after thieves broke into the Tingwall Hall and stole property sometime overnight between Mnday and Tuesday.

A wad for wave power

THE UK government has promised to pump up to £20 million into developing wave and tidal devices.

Climate change minister made the announcement during a visit to the Edinburgh base of Pelamis Wave Power, who are planning a wave farm off Burra with Swedish utility Vattenfall.

The government wants to help the marine power industry develop pre-commercial demonstration devices.

Ofgem will be holding a meeting on Thursday to discuss a new charging regime for transmitting power from places like Shetland to the UK mainland down the proposed interconnector on which the Pelamis wind farm will depend.