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Theft on trip home from jail

A TWENTY eight year old Lerwick man was sent to prison for 50 days at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Wednesday for stealing a mobile phone on the ferry Hrossey on 21 July.

Appearing from prison where he is currently serving an eight month sentence, Dale Henry admitted the charge.

The court heard that Henry was travelling home on the ferry having just been released early from a previous jail term when he stole the phone from the handbag of a cleaner who had boarded the ferry after it had berthed at Lerwick.

Henry was only found out after he took a heroin overdose later the same day and was admitted to hospital in Lerwick where the phone was found in his possession.

Mr Duncan said that his explanation had been that he had found it on the floor and had intended to hand it in later.

Sentencing Henry, Sheriff Graeme Napier told him that he had to serve the new term of imprisonment after his current jail term ended.