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Court round up 5 May 2010

Broke into own flat

A DONCASTER man who smashed a window of his own council flat and then told police that someone had tried to break in was fined £250 and ordered to pay £175 in compensation to Shetland Islands Council.

Alexander Bruce Turner, of 11 Elmgreen, Conisburgh, Doncaster, pled guilty to two charges when he appeared from custody before Lerwick Sheriff Court, on Wednesday.

The court heard that 43 year old Turner had locked himself out of his Lerwick chalet at Hoofields on 14 October last year.

In a drunken state, he broke into his own flat and then blamed someone else by calling the police. He later found the key to his chalet in his own pocket.

Turner was arrested on a warrant in Doncaster on Sunday and brought to Shetland for the court appearance.

Drunken menace

A Polish man who made a “drunken menace” of himself when he assaulted two young women and a man in Lerwick on the night of 12 September had sentence deferred for six months to be of good behaviour.

Laukasz Domagala, of 36 Haldane Burgess Crescent, Lerwick, pled guilty to three charges of assault when he appeared before Lerwick Sheriff Court, on Wednesday morning.

Sheriff Grame Napier told the 27 year old that he had to lodge £250 with the court as a “caution”, which he will get back if he stays out of trouble during the period of deferral.

Domagala was also told to pay one of his victims £200 in compensation.

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