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Tagged for assault

A FORMER drug addict who came to Shetland to start a new life was tagged for three months at Lerwick Sheriff Court yesterday (Thursday) after he admitted assaulting two women during a drunken night out last year.

Carl Dew, aged 32, of 24 Sandside, Firth, had been thrown out of a house in Lerwick’s Sandveien on 11 September after an argument. However when he was followed out by the occupants, he grabbed one by the throat and struck her and her friend on the head.

Yesterday Dew pled guilty to both assaults as well as causing a breach of the peace and smashing two windows in the house, causing damage valued at £313.

Defence agent Gregor Kelly said Dew had been a drug user who had moved to Shetland to start a new life. “To a large extent he has done that and he is deeply ashamed he has let himself down,” he said.

Sheriff William Livingston ordered Dew to be tagged for three months, though he will be allowed to take one week off to try and obtain a heavy goods vehicle licence. He also ordered him to pay £200 in compensation for the broken windows.