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Why is this allowed to happen?

In response to the Shetland Island Council decision last Monday concerning the future of Promote Shetland one may wonder what do I and my brother Gradon, as Stamfordians, in south Lincolnshire, about 600 miles south, know and enjoy about Shetland?

Enormous benefits

As a Shetland-born business woman based in the United States and deeply involved and committed to the knitting and design of Shetland wool products, I was very dismayed to hear that Shetland Islands Council (SIC) has not re-awarded the contract to Promote Shetland.

A waste of time?

Does the announcement that SSEN will lay a subsea cable dedicated to replace the power station in four years time mean an end to the disastrous and destructive Viking (white elephant) windfarm?

More divided than ever

Theresa May's failed attempt to strengthen her position ahead of the forthcoming Brexit negotiations has resulted in a hung parliament, creating more instability in these uncertain times.

Enjoyable experience

Local people may be forgiven for breathing a huge sigh of relief that the general election is now over. For my part, I found it a highly enjoyable experience, traveling throughout Orkney and Shetland and meeting and listening to folk from a variety of backgrounds.

History to repeat itself?

"Development committee chairman Alastair Cooper said none of the bids received had met the specifications the council had been asking for.

"The focus of the new contract, he said, was not so much on the tourism aspect, but on encouraging people to move to Shetland and for businesses to invest here."

A suspicious mind

The news that SIC employees have decided not to award the Promote Shetland contract to any of the bidders because they failed to meet the required standard for submissions might make a suspicious mind wonder if this decision might have been made for reasons other than those publicly stated (Trust loses Promote Shetland contract; SN, 07/06/2017).

Getting on with the day job

Other than marching against the Iraq war through the streets of Lerwick, one of my earliest memories of being politically active was listening to Alistair Carmichael speak about human rights at our Amnesty International group.

Fighting Shetland’s corner

I have been relatively quiet in this pre-election period but there is one point which keeps cropping up (and not just in this election) that concerns me.

SNP 'will keep cutting'

In response to the various letters, comments and views made on austerity and cuts, I thought your readers might find the following figures interesting.

Gender equality

I am very happy to see that [SNP election candidate] Miriam Brett has committed to focus on issues of gender equality if elected.

Do they fear they’d lose?

I can't understand why the Lib Dems, Tories and Labour are so very, very exercised about having a second independence referendum once we know the terms of the Brexit 'deal' (if there ever is one).

People do not have short memories

Having just read Theo Smith's letter (Always someone else's blame; SN, 02/06/2017), attacking his former(?) friend Peter Malcolmson for having had the insight and courage to change his mind about what is both best politically and in representative terms for the future of Orkney and Shetland in relation to Westminster, he himself seems to demonstrate the same illiberal behaviour he wrongly accuses Peter of.

Terrifying moment

This is to the organiser/ driver of a lorry carrying a big boat on Friday the 2nd June about 1pm. I was driving north on the A970 from Voe towards Brae when a lorry was coming in the opposite direction going south.

'Total confusion' over fishing policy

The Conservative candidate for Orkney and Shetland in next week's general election, Jamie Halcro Johnston, was the first to sign the Brexit pledge by the Scottish Fishermen's Federation (SFF) to exit the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). Conservatives also intend to secure the best possible deal from Brexit for industries and the coastal communities across the whole of the UK.

Insurance policy

The visceral and irrational animosity of the Liberal Democrats for The Scottish National Party was on display for all to see and hear at the BBC Hustings on 30 and 31May.

Fishing to be sold out again

I voted Leave in the Brexit referendum.

I did so because the EU is not democratic and because of the damage done to the fishing industry by the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

Hustings 'did no credit to the BBC'

Any pretence of fairness by the BBC was shattered by their handling of the hustings on Tuesday evening. I was cut short, not allowed to make my points and even excluded from some questions. Others, meanwhile, were allowed to ramble on to their heart's content. This programme did no credit to the BBC.

Pensions under threat

In the last Prime Minister's Questions before the 2017 General Election, Theresa May refused to guarantee the "triple lock" policy that guarantees pensions will rise in line with inflation, earnings or 2.5 per cent – whichever is highest.


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