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Indoor market for local produce?

With the much needed new fish market construction in full swing, I'd like to know if Lerwick Port Authority have given any thought into what they are going to do with the old market (hopefully not just another store)?

Knitters are a generous crowd

Although I'm not able to be present for this year's Shetland Wool Week, 600+ wool enthusiasts from around the world are having the time of their lives across the islands this week.

Return Norrona investment for MRI money

I see that the committee for raising the money to buy the MRI scanner is due to meet the Charitable Trust in order to request funding from the oil money held in the Shetland folks name, and this is an encouraging development.

Unique values

As a regular reader of Shetland News with a strong interest in your community and ongoing important debates, I'd like to send my regards and share some thoughts and views.

Who could object?

With regard to the huge transfer of public funds to bankroll Viking Energy (SIC seeks to buy SLAP from trust; SN, 13/08/2018), who could possibly object to the purchaser insisting on democratic reform of Shetland Charitable Trust as a precondition of sale?

We should be proud of our separate lifestyle

Thanks to The Year of the Young People and An Lanntair in Stornoway, myself and three other girls were given a week's textile placement over on the Isle of Lewis while two girls from Lewis received film placements here in Shetland (I'll add this now, Shetland gave next to no funding for this).

Will Viking be viable?

Scotland is set to enjoy a new renewable energy boom, according to an article in a national newspaper earlier this week.

Our democracy is undermined

There are good reasons why there's a spending limit and a requirement for full financial transparency during elections and referendums. Those rules are there to ensure that no party can win by simply outspending their opponents and that no unsavoury characters or foreign powers can sway political parties with large donations, for their own personal gain.


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