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Protected by the Supreme Court

UNISON are to be congratulated on taking the UK government to court over the introduction of employment tribunal fees and winning because the Supreme Court decided the government acted unlawfully and unconstitutionally. The fees are now scrapped.

Outdated trust?

Shetland's Charitable Trust is now operating on two thirds of the full quorum and has made provision to be able to fly up trustees from south.

Staneyhill Free Press

The Shetland Archives is trying to complete its run of the newssheet The Staneyhill Free Press, produced at Sullom Voe.

Lost bracelet

I am writing to you to see if you might help in any way. On Saturday 22 July, my husband and I walked the path from Isbister to the lighthouse at Fethaland.

Change the planning system

SIC planning & building control is working against Shetland.

In my discussions with folk prior to my decision to pull out of being a candidate in the last council elections, the key criticisms for the folk in my rural ward and the barriers to what folk in rural Shetland want were of a planning and rural development nature.

Thank you for sharing your views

I would like to take the opportunity to thank most sincerely all those who took the time out of their day on 17 July to join Flybe and Eastern Airways at the recent meeting we held in Lerwick and for sharing with us their thoughts and giving such valuable feedback much of which we have taken on board for consideration.

Hidden motive?

I see that our MP Alistair Carmichael is once more trying desperately to move the Viking Energy windfarm forward by lobbying the new 'three week old' energy minister Richard Harrington.

Why is this allowed to happen?

In response to the Shetland Island Council decision last Monday concerning the future of Promote Shetland one may wonder what do I and my brother Gradon, as Stamfordians, in south Lincolnshire, about 600 miles south, know and enjoy about Shetland?

Enormous benefits

As a Shetland-born business woman based in the United States and deeply involved and committed to the knitting and design of Shetland wool products, I was very dismayed to hear that Shetland Islands Council (SIC) has not re-awarded the contract to Promote Shetland.

A waste of time?

Does the announcement that SSEN will lay a subsea cable dedicated to replace the power station in four years time mean an end to the disastrous and destructive Viking (white elephant) windfarm?

More divided than ever

Theresa May's failed attempt to strengthen her position ahead of the forthcoming Brexit negotiations has resulted in a hung parliament, creating more instability in these uncertain times.

Enjoyable experience

Local people may be forgiven for breathing a huge sigh of relief that the general election is now over. For my part, I found it a highly enjoyable experience, traveling throughout Orkney and Shetland and meeting and listening to folk from a variety of backgrounds.

History to repeat itself?

"Development committee chairman Alastair Cooper said none of the bids received had met the specifications the council had been asking for.

"The focus of the new contract, he said, was not so much on the tourism aspect, but on encouraging people to move to Shetland and for businesses to invest here."

A suspicious mind

The news that SIC employees have decided not to award the Promote Shetland contract to any of the bidders because they failed to meet the required standard for submissions might make a suspicious mind wonder if this decision might have been made for reasons other than those publicly stated (Trust loses Promote Shetland contract; SN, 07/06/2017).

Getting on with the day job

Other than marching against the Iraq war through the streets of Lerwick, one of my earliest memories of being politically active was listening to Alistair Carmichael speak about human rights at our Amnesty International group.

Fighting Shetland’s corner

I have been relatively quiet in this pre-election period but there is one point which keeps cropping up (and not just in this election) that concerns me.

SNP 'will keep cutting'

In response to the various letters, comments and views made on austerity and cuts, I thought your readers might find the following figures interesting.

Gender equality

I am very happy to see that [SNP election candidate] Miriam Brett has committed to focus on issues of gender equality if elected.

Do they fear they’d lose?

I can't understand why the Lib Dems, Tories and Labour are so very, very exercised about having a second independence referendum once we know the terms of the Brexit 'deal' (if there ever is one).


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