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Who guards the guards?

Before we know it there will be no democratic link between the people of Shetland and Shetland's once wealthy charitable trusts.

Will Shetland Welcome Trumpists?

With a infamous son of Scotland now to become the 45th president of the good ol' US of A, surely VisitScotland, and the rest of the tourist industry, will be going all out to publicise the attractions of Donald's homeland.

Time for real change

Such a stupid thing: a vital rural facility is allowed to decay to the point it has to be fenced off for public safety.

Rare rural jobs and real sustainable employment lost, genuine income generating employment destroyed due to typical infrastructure negligence by our council officers and destructively negligent policies.


It's very complimentary of Laughton Johnston to describe Sustainable Shetland as "extremely well organised and well funded" (Betrayal; SN, 24/11/16).


In response to James Mackenzie (Choose your words more carefully; SN, 14/11/16), Sustainable Shetland and others in support of the UK government's negative attitude to renewable onshore wind energy in the islands: yes, we've been betrayed!

Small but delicious

A couple of weeks back I roasted a shoulder of Native Shetland Lamb supplied to me by Richard Briggs. This was the first lamb from Shetland that I have had since staying at the Sumburgh Hotel many years ago whilst operating a helicopter there for a few days.

Torpedoed by the LibDems

Vic Thomas's analysis of how to fix Shetland Charitable Trust (Accountability; SN, 26/10/16) will be useful to any continuing individual or group effort, and it would indeed be helpful to see all the known connections between Viking Energy and SCT laid bare, but the campaign Democracy for Shetland's Charitable Trust has now come to an end.

Taking back control

This week saw the publication of an excellent piece of research from Dr Ian Napier of the Scalloway Fisheries College in to the current state of the fishing industry in and around Shetland.


Whilst I support and endorse Peter Hamilton's efforts towards bringing more open democracy and better governance to Shetland Charitable Trust, I beg to differ with his comment that I have the "Wrong target" (SN; 25/10/16).

Clear lack of respect

Back in August 2016 on his visit to Shetland, islands and transport Minister Humza Yousaf kindly agreed to meet me as part of the Fair Ferry Fares campaign.

Silent complicity

Jonathan Wills' frustrations with Tavish Scott's failure to back our community council and the SIC in their efforts to restore solid accountability to Shetland Charitable Trust ('Confused?', SN 14/10/16) are understandable. 


I suppose it's some sort of honour to be subjected to a personal attack by Vic Thomas but if he would take the trouble to read what I have actually said and written about the future of Shetland Charitable Trust he might realise that his most recent comment was ill-informed and inappropriate (In favour of SCT elections; SN, 09/10/16).


Tavish Scott's belated reply to the question of whether he supports restoring democracy to the Shetland Charitable Trust is very interesting (Tavish: SCT must aintain democratic link; SN, 12/10/16).

It's now clear that he doesn't want elected majority control. This may be why he evaded the question during the Scottish parliamentary election earlier this year.

Insensitive reporting

I too am concerned about the reporting on your website. Recently, a troubled young man was described as "attention seeking".

Now, I accept it wasn't Shetland News that coined the term, but you did not need to repeat it.