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Please clean up after your dog

I have lived in Nesting for four years and enjoy the area very much. I got a young Border collie last year and spend roughly three hours a day exercising and socializing her, and, of course, picking up her mess after her.

Come on SIC!

Further to Dorothy O'Brien's letter (When is Lerwick going to move into the 21st century?, 30/05/2018), I have to agree that with all the SIC's hoo-hah about the tourists, and totally destroying the road system in Lerwick with speed bumps and stopping cars from parking on the street, they have done absolutely nothing about cafes or shop's being open on a Sunday.

When is Lerwick going to move into the 21st century?

TWO friends of mine arrived on Saturday evening for a week's holiday. They have never been to Shetland before and were very excited about it. They settled into their accommodation and got up on Sunday, looking forward to exploring the town.

Does anybody know?

I worked at Sullom Voe from 1979 to 1982. The year I left a large tubular cross was erected overlooking the voe.

A bit hypocritical

Open letter to Humza Yousaf, Scottish Government minister for transport and the islands.

Dear Mr Yousaf

I AM extremely disappointed with the press reports following your visit to Shetland last week. You are reported as saying that " HIAL have looked at various options ... but the only option is to bring in car parking charges ...".

Leaving the ferry in less than good condition

IN last week's Shetland Times (20.4.2018) Ryan Taylor, in his article on livestock exports, quotes vet Jim Nicolson as saying: "....all sheep, cattle and ponies shipped from Shetland are provided with appropriate space, water and feed. That will ensure they exit the ferry in very good condition."

An additional tax

WHEN HIAL chairwoman Lorna Jack admitted she went into the meeting with councillors and MSP Tavish Scott on Monday hoping that we would "give HIAL support" for the car parking charges at Sumburgh airport, she quickly and unambiguously found out that was not the case. (HIAL sticking to its guns on car park charging; SN, 20/042018)

We more than pay our way

Open letter to Mr Inglis Lyon, managing director, HIAL.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to object to your proposed implementation of car park charges at Sumburgh Airport.

Missing issues of Postal News

The Shetland Archives has received the following issues of the duplicated publication Shetland Postal News, distributed to post office staff throughout Shetland in the 1960s and 1970s:

Urgent solution needed

The Zetland Motor Cycle Club (ZMCC) committee wish to express their support for Steve Henry and Shetland Motorbike Training (SMT).

The moon but not Unst

In response to the news from last week's digital forum (More broadband upgrades in the pipeline; SN, 23/02/18) and Tuesday's news in the national media (Vodafone to install 4G network in the moon), perhaps Tavish Scott, EE/BT, HIE, and Stuart Robertson's R100 team might like explain to us terrestrials why Vodafone will be able to deliver 4G speeds to the moon (yes that's right, the moon!) next year, before the afore-mentioned digital forum presenters can even agree on how they might reach the North Isles of Shetland with 'super-fast' broadband?

Wir Shetland mystery?

I write to your letters page to enquire about the possible resignation of James Titcomb, the chair of Wir Shetland.

Microplastics the real issue

I regularly read the online newspapers Shetland News and Shetland Times to keep me updated on political matters on the islands. I am a bit surprised of the "low" levels of the inter-islands ferry economy debate and also the "one time plastic bottles dumped along the road" debate.

Patronising rhetoric

So councillor Stephen Leask wants to introduce legislation to severely curtail or even ban birthday busses and hen/stag busses because of inferred underage drinking and general alcohol abuse by those who choose to partake in such activities.

Praise for health and care services

Last year a member of our family suffered an acute mental health disorder and had to be taken to Cornhill hospital in Aberdeen. As a result, the last few months have been a difficult time for everyone involved, especially the immediate family.

His faux facts

I wouldn't normally award attention to someone so obviously desperate for it, however, I must correct two of Tory list MSP, Jamie Halcro Johnston's erroneous pronouncements.

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