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Campaign was 'fair and dignified'

Following the snap general election called by Tory Prime Minister Theresa May, Shetland SNP were disappointed to read Alistair Carmichael’s comments in last week’s Shetland Times regarding his decision to stand for re-election.

Ferry fares freeze

Unlike residents in some other of Shetland's island communities Bressay is dependent on its ferry to access vital services and amenities in Lerwick.

Two key issues

Now that we know the brave souls who are putting themselves forward for the thankless task of being a local councillor, electors can focus their desires, concerns, suggestions etc and ask their candidates what their aims and objectives are.

Democratic deficit

As of September 2016 Shetland Charitable Trust investments stood at a value of £220 million; money that belongs to the people of Shetland.

In appreciation of the Red Cross

A couple of years ago I needed specialist care in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary. As no member of my family was able to accompany me I travelled with a Red Cross escort to Aberdeen, and was transferred from the airport to the hospital by Red Cross bus.

Hold health board to account

It is increasingly apparent that there is a need for elected representatives to hold Shetland health board members and their senior management team to account for performance and decision making.

They have no mandate

The handful of largely unelected Shetland Charitable Trust trustees who took a cheap shot at Jonathan Wills last week (Lamentable contempt; SN, 28/2/2017) have a half-baked appreciation of democracy when they criticise him for not backing their "democratic" decisions.

Lamentable contempt

We wish in the strongest terms to defend the integrity of the chair of Shetland Charitable Trust in light of the recent attempt by vice-chair Jonathan Wills to cast doubt on his behaviour and motives.


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