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Hold health board to account

It is increasingly apparent that there is a need for elected representatives to hold Shetland health board members and their senior management team to account for performance and decision making.

They have no mandate

The handful of largely unelected Shetland Charitable Trust trustees who took a cheap shot at Jonathan Wills last week (Lamentable contempt; SN, 28/2/2017) have a half-baked appreciation of democracy when they criticise him for not backing their "democratic" decisions.

Lamentable contempt

We wish in the strongest terms to defend the integrity of the chair of Shetland Charitable Trust in light of the recent attempt by vice-chair Jonathan Wills to cast doubt on his behaviour and motives.

No magic fix

It was interesting reading the recent letter regarding the disparity in cost for travelling long distance and getting to and from Shetland (Being held hostage; SN, 22/02/17).

Simple solution for the trustees

The Lord Lieutenant says he hopes the new council, to be electe‪d on 4 May, will take up the four seats offered on the Shetland Charitable Trust, which he currently chairs.

Being held hostage

My experience of the Up Helly Aa celebrations was indeed fantastic. Even more than my wildest expectations - in spite of, should I say, the inclement weather.

Flights beyond August

October visitors intending to tune up their travel arrangements for Shetland’s Fiddle and Accordion Festival or flock to Shetland’s Wool Week are finding that the only way to travel to and from Shetland is by NorthLink ferry. 

Only direct elections will do

In addition to the arguments put forwards by Jonathan Wills (Less than a week to rescue the trust; SN, 15/02/17), it is particularly important that everyone concerned with those at the margins of Shetland society; the poor, the disabled, those affected by domestic abuse or by dependency issues, indeed all those who Bill Smith used to simply describe as being "less able to look out for themselves" consider how much more good a truly reformed Shetland Charitable Trust, closer to the people it should serve, benefiting from the regular public discussion elections for trustees would provide, could achieve.

Town improvements

I applaud the efforts of all those involved in trying to make Lerwick a more vibrant and viable town.

Researching family history

I am researching my several times great grandfather Magnus Winwick (Wynwick) who was born in the late 1700's. He served in the Royal Artillery from 1808 to 1816 when he was discharged (age 25).

Time to resign?

The story about Steven McKimm beggars belief to say the least (Mareel no-go for 34 yea old Trainspotter; SN, 10/02/17).

When he tried to see a film with an 18 rating and got turned away for allegedly being underage, then ignoring his next move without even batting an eyelid, is as I say totally unbelievable.

Promises to reduce ferry fares need to be kept

Back in December, transport and islands minister Humza Yousaf informed the Fair Ferry Fares campaign that neither he, nor Transport Scotland (TS) would be working towards an April 2018 timescale before we saw our promised reduction in our ferry fares.