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Talent will be lost

So Cllr Alistair Cooper says: "We need Promote Shetland to be back in business" (Promote Shetland contract to be re-tendered; SN, 12/06/2017).

How exactly does he plan to achieve that now that the staff running Promote Shetland have been made redundant?

And what about the numerous sub-contractors (writers, photographers, technicians, film makers and others) contributing to the service?

They can't afford to hang around in the hope that they'll get work from whoever is eventually successful. They'll have to move on and that resource will also be lost.

The talented people who have delivered this service to widespread acclaim for the last eight years are gone. I think it's unlikely that they'll be back after having been treated so badly.

Well done, SIC. You were handed a unicorn and you've turned it into a donkey.

Iain Waddell
South Nesting


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