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Time to resign?

The story about Steven McKimm beggars belief to say the least (Mareel no-go for 34 yea old Trainspotter; SN, 10/02/17).

When he tried to see a film with an 18 rating and got turned away for allegedly being underage, then ignoring his next move without even batting an eyelid, is as I say totally unbelievable.

I'm afraid if that's how Mr Howell (Shetland Arts general manager) runs a business then it's time for him to resign.

I would have thought that when McKimm went for a pint that this MUST have told Shetland Arts staff something as they made no attempt to do anything about it (maybe they realized they had made a mistake but didn't want people to know so just tried to hide it to save face).

Michael Mackay


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