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The game is over

Oh dear me! Westminster Tories are now a Stalinist dictatorship and a junta ('Stalinist' transmission charges; SN, 16/11/16).

Another Nationalist diatribe and hysterical rant by Dr Wills against "wicked Westminster".

Your words: "This absurd, oppressive and predatory system is simply imposed by the British Government".

How about some simple facts and a little bit of honesty!

The Scottish Government, following EU regulation (EU Directive 2014/89/EU), has recently imposed "the National Marine Plan (NMP) for all activities in Scottish waters".

This dictate requires the burial of all electrical submarine interconnectors. That raises the cost of the infamous interconnector to a cool £1billion (SSE cost £0.37 million per Km. Length 255Km).

That is probably more money than Viking Energy could ever generate in 25 years (without massive subsidy).

The game is over. The Shetland turbine money spin is out of wind!!!

How very ironic! The Scottish Government enforcing EU regulations may well have killed off Shetland renewable industry.

That red tape gets everywhere!!!

Ian Tinkler

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