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Small but delicious

A couple of weeks back I roasted a shoulder of Native Shetland Lamb supplied to me by Richard Briggs. This was the first lamb from Shetland that I have had since staying at the Sumburgh Hotel many years ago whilst operating a helicopter there for a few days.

I fell in love with the delicate taste of these small animals and eventually got round to ordering a lamb to be sent to me in Reay.

Whilst they are small there is a surprising amount of meat on the joints and no waste. However it is the cutlets with their long delicate bones that really remind me of my time there, I don't know of any other breed with bones like that.

Even my wife who cannot always understand my obsession for ingredients from certain places was moved to say "couldn't you have cooked some more because these are really, really good".

I couldn't agree more with your article on this matter (Hill lambs could be a premium product; SN, 03/11/16); our islands are a fantastic source of all that is best from the farms and from the sea.

I believe that all possible steps should be taken to protect this product and to encourage butchers nationwide to try Native Shetland Lamb.

They may be small but once tried, the flavour and quality of the meat becomes self evident and you will want more.

So thank you Richard Briggs for supplying me with some excellent lamb delivered to my door perfectly packed in 18 hours from dispatch.

Peter Soar

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