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Election 2016 / ‘We’re not for Nicola’, says Scott after big win
Election 2016 / Election: live from the count at Clickimin
Election 2016 / Election: candidates bemoan loss of CADSS
News Feed / Election: views on tackling inequality
News Feed / Election: cost of flights could be slashed
Election 2016 / Election: Candidates convey core message
Living Lerwick - Spend at da Street - Win with Local Loyalty
Election 2016 / Election: who is your favourite politician?
Election 2016 / Election: hopes for the new parliament
Election 2016 / Election: candidates don’t support EU exit
Election 2016 / Election: more power for the isles?
Election 2016 / Election: how to improve the air service
Election 2016 / Election: the future of the lifeline ferry service
Shetland Pride - 2 July 2022Shetland Pride - 2 July 2022Shetland Pride - 2 July 2022
News Feed / Three more hustings
News Feed / Candidates go head-to-head at the Althing
News Feed / Councillor quits Wir Shetland in wake of Tavish endorsement
News Feed / Sturgeon: SNP will find way to cut ferry fares
News Feed / No latecomers to race for isles’ Holyrood seat
News Feed / Non-party MSP would be free to make isles’ case
News Feed / Call for new deal on ferries as Sturgeon visits
News Feed / Lessons being learned from CAP overhaul
Election 2016 / Cameron Smith – a positive difference for Shetland
Election 2016 / Robina Barton – straight talking, honest politics
Election 2016 / Tavish Scott – local people first
Election 2016 / Danus Skene – saying Yes to these islands
News Feed / Election: Greens hope for good result
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