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Court / Trio in the dock

THREE women have been released on bail after appearing at Lerwick Sheriff Court from custody on Monday accused of assault.

Twenty five year old Zara Williams, of Da Vadill, Lerwick, Sharon Lowe, 48, of Lerwick’s Prospect House and 43-year-old Helen Moncrieff from Virkie all pleaded not guilty to the charge.

They were accused of assaulting a man at an address at Da Vadill and North Road in Lerwick on Saturday (30 March) by seizing him by the groin area, repeatedly seizing him by the clothing and body, pulling him to the ground, pinning him down and stamping him on the body, all to his injury.

The charge states that it will be proved in terms of section one of the Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm (Scotland) Act 2016 that the offence was “aggravated by involving abuse of your partner or ex partner”.

Honorary sheriff Malcolm Bell released them on bail with the special condition that they do not approach or contract the complainer.

A trial date has been set for 6 June.