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Three pupils caught with knives in last 18 months

| Written by Chris Cope, local democracy reporter

THREE pupils in Shetland have been found with knives at school since the start of last year.

The figures, obtained through a freedom of information request, represent a decrease from the previous year, where five local pupils were excluded from their schools for carrying knives.

Shetland Islands Council chief executive Maggie Sandison said none of the incidents in 2017 involved any intent to cause harm.

She pointed to how Shetland is a "fishing, crofting and crafting community", which means that some children use knives for hobbies and can bring them to school by mistake.

In terms of the low number of incidents, it is a measure of "how well we are actually paying attention to pupils' safety at school" rather than any indication of the level of threat, Sandison added.


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