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Lerwick lifeboat crew on hand to cut bird free from net

| Written by Chris Cope

Photo courtesy of the Lerwick Lifeboat crew. Photo courtesy of the Lerwick Lifeboat crew. THE RNLI's motto of 'saving lives at sea' extended to animals on Monday evening when the Lerwick Lifeboat came to the aid of a gannet wrapped in fishing net.

Coxswain Darren Harcus said the lifeboat had been on an exercise out Bressay Sound when it came across the stricken bird.

"We were just making our way in and one of the crew spotted it," he said.

"He was trying to fly away with a net wrapped around its wing."

The lifeboat crew, who managed to cut the netting and set the bird free, shared a photograph online of the gannet being helped to safety.

Local anti-litter campaign Dunna Chuck Bruck also shared the photo on Facebook, adding:

"We urge people working at sea to dispose of their nets and ropes appropriately and we urge people walking on our coastlines to pick up what you see."


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