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Memory box scheme

| Written by Shetland News

Memory boxes will be tailored to a family's needs. Memory boxes will be tailored to a family's needs.

SHETLAND Bereavement Support Service (SBSS) is launching a new scheme aimed at allowing families to work through their emotions after losing a loved one through a memory box.

The boxes will be given to families for free and their contents will include items individually tailored depending on their circumstances.

For example, if a family lost someone to suicide then they may be given materials deigned to support people through a sudden death.

Families will also be encouraged to add to the box, such as personal items which may remind them of their loved one.

The project will launch on Friday. To request a box, contact SBSS on 01595 743933 or download a form at www.shetland-communities.org.uk/sbss.

The scheme is funded by the BIG Lottery Fund.

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