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Gremista winter times 2018 19

Unst bus shelter lit up for Christmas

| Written by Chris Cope

Only 19 days until Christmas - Photo: Desley Stickle Only 19 days until Christmas - Photo: Desley Stickle WE HAVE all heard of Christmas trees being decorated with lights recently - but Shetland's most northerly island has gone one further.

The famous Unst bus shelter was decked out in festive lights before a switch-on event on Saturday.

The decorations include a metal Christmas tree made by Unst Inshore Services and a sparkly rocket, which was no doubt nodding to plans for a satellite launching station at the north of Unst.

The bus shelter - which is famed for featuring decorations and furnishing around the year - has previously featured lights but it has been a while since it was last lit up.

The Christmas decorations were the work of a small committee formed from some of the UnstFest organisers.


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