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Christine May towed in

| Written by Shetland News

LERWICK lifeboat was tasked to assist the local boat Christine May after she had fouled her propeller on a creel rope close to Noss Head, on Saturday afternoon.

The lifeboat was in Dales Voe after having spent some time moored at Hay's Dock as part of the Shetland Boat Week when the call came from Shetland Coastguard.

The 25 feet Christene May was taken under tow just after 4.30pm, and the tow arrived at Victoria Pier at around 6.15pm.

The lifeboat also landed a couple of creels with some crabs, which had made the journey back with them.

Second coxswain Garry Bremner said, "We normally need at least six crew for a shout, but although we only had five on board when the Coastguard called.

"Taking into account the conditions and the size of the casualty vessel, I decided to go straight there rather than back to Lerwick to pick up more crew. The five of us managed fine, and doing that saved a lot of time."


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