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Isles are warmer than Crete - at least for a day!

| Written by Shetland News

Monday's Met Office weather map for Europe. Monday's Met Office weather map for Europe. LOGANAIR and NorthLink might be warning of weather-related disruption later this week, but for Monday at least Shetlanders have been enjoying a warmer climate than the Greek island of Crete.

The Met Office tweeted that the UK is one of the warmest countries in Europe today, with the likes of Germany and Austria facing sub-zero temperatures, and it was "not often Shetland is warmer than Crete!"

The popular Mediterranean tourist island is over 2,000 miles south east of Shetland and on average enjoys temperatures around 12C warmer.

With Lerwick enjoying a balmy January day of 8C, the islands are currently enjoying more warmth than a host of major European cities to the south including Berlin, Rome and Athens.

But, before anyone starts digging out their summer togs, the Met Office is also warning that temperatures could drop by more than five degrees by the end of the week - with the possibility of snow in Shetland on Friday.


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