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Gremista winter times 2018 19

Put the magic back into Christmas shopping

| Written by Chloe Mackie

Please click on the banner to go to the Christmas shopping guide. Please click on the banner to go to the Christmas shopping guide. The Shetland News has put together a new Essential Christmas Shopping Guide for our readers.  The feature intends to present islanders with an overview of retail in Shetland; not just our favourite bricks and mortar shops but also to highlight all the exciting developments in the virtual Shetland retail market which continues to grow and develop. 

Please use the banners and guides to browse a selection of Shetland stores and remind yourself just how much fun shopping in town can be: have a meal, coffee and a chat with friends or family.

Over the next six weeks the features, promotions and discounts will be regularly updated. In addition a photo advent calendar will be starting on 1 December and an exciting competition will be running during the final 12 days in the run-up to Christmas. 

All the banners reveal up-to-date store and product information, promotions and discounts, and some contain ‘mini-catalogues’ ready to be browsed.


Garriock Bros - Building Centre
JB's Autostore - Your local Auto Experts