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Outdated trust?

Shetland's Charitable Trust is now operating on two thirds of the full quorum and has made provision to be able to fly up trustees from south.

On the "Public Platform" slot on Radio Shetland on Thursday evening last week, Tavish Scott MSP stated Shetland Charitable Trust had some questions to answer. Tavish also said and he would be happy to work with Shetland Association of Community Councils and the SIC to ensure the trust becomes more representative.

The background to this is that the community councils want a fully elected trust and that SIC councillors also want to see most, if not all, trustees having a direct democratic mandate from the people of Shetland.

This is why Shetland's new councillors have held true to the position of the last council and have refused to provide councillor trustees.

Presumably it is now up to trust chairman Bobby Hunter to state how he intends the trust to "evolve".

Evolve is his word, but it does suggest he acknowledges there is something outdated in the trust's approach thus far. This would partly explain why the trust's last efforts to attract trustees failed even to provide a reserve candidate.

Over to you Bobby...

Peter Hamilton

SCT chairman Bobby Hunter said in response that the trust had written to Shetland Islands Council to find out whether or not the newly elected council intends to take up the offer and appoint four council trustees. He said the trust was still waiting for a response to the invitation.

He continued saying that the new constitution of the charitable trust would allow for trustees 'from south' to be appointed but this option has so far not been considered.


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