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The worst possible deal for fishing

Over the last few weeks the European Parliament's fisheries committee has been finalising its Brexit position ahead of Article 50.

Bizarrely the committee's wish list would actually leave UK fisheries in a far worse position than even our current membership of the Common Fisheries Policy!

The positions taken were so bad I had to write two letters to the chair of the committee expressing the total opposition on behalf of the British Conservatives in the European Parliament. To their credit objections were also lodged by UKIP.

The committee's red lines were quite clearly designed to ensure the worst possible deal for Scottish and British fishermen and maximum gain for the EU.

Sadly, during this period, the SNP was silent. Instead of defending the interests of Scotland's fishing industry they allowed a Green colleague to speak on their behalf, supporting the committee's anti-Scottish proposals.

The committee will shortly debate their Brexit position.

I hope the SNP will take that opportunity to distance themselves from the Green members of their group and join the fight for the interests of Scottish and British fishermen. Their silence is no longer acceptable.

Ian Duncan
Scottish Conservative MEP


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