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Time for real change

Such a stupid thing: a vital rural facility is allowed to decay to the point it has to be fenced off for public safety.

Rare rural jobs and real sustainable employment lost, genuine income generating employment destroyed due to typical infrastructure negligence by our council officers and destructively negligent policies.

I refer to the dilapidated pier at Toft (Fisherman says 'we're not going anywhere'; SN, 02/12/16).

Strange how literally millions and millions can be found for Mareel, new council offices (now falling down) and indoor sports facilities, yet vital infrastructure outside Lerwick is left to rot and decay away.

Time for a real change and take real control of Shetland with committed Shetland folk.

Edinburgh, London and Brussels controllers are strangling us. Decent piers are worth a lot more than indoor football pitches and glorious multimillion white elephants.

Ian Tinkler


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