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Transport Notifications

  • B9071 Laxo to Vidlin Near Laxo Ferry Terminal: Hot tar patching and ditching works are expected to be completed by Friday 31 October. Delays can be expected.
  • Twageos Road, Lerwick The footpath between Lovers Loan and Leog Lane wall is closed off for reconstruction work which is expected to be completed by 14 November. A temporary walkway has been coned off for pedestrians.
  • A970 Sound Brae, Lerwick Second phase of these works from Monday 27th October until Friday 7th November. Traffic control by way of 2-way lights will operate during the working day. Delays are to be expected.
  • East Yell (various locations) Verging work has begun and will continue until approximately the 6th of November. Possible 20 minute delays can be expected.




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